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Benefits at a glance:

·         Social media “friending” and welcome post upon joining the Chamber!

·         Mini “webpage” on Chamber website with password access for immediate update.

·         Advocacy for your business and the business community in general when it comes to building a vibrant local economy.

·         Notification of pending fees, regulations and government meetings that could impact business.

·         Weekly Business News updates including both Chamber news and community events.

·         Two business listings in bi-annual Oregon City Around Town magazine -- by classification and alphabetical.

·         Eligibility to purchase ad space in OC Map and Around Town magazine.

·         Business referrals from Chamber staff and fellow members.

·         Voting privileges of business on matters of the Chamber including Board of Directors election.

·         Privilege to display your business cards and/or brochures in Chamber lobby.

·         Connection and access to “Buy Local Oregon City” campaign at no charge.

·         Pride in posting the official Oregon City Chamber logo on your place of business and/or on your website.


More opportunities for growing your business exposure and building your network:

·         Access to weekly networking via Good Morning Oregon City (GMOC) every Wednesday morning – meet 70 other friendly business professionals.

·         Access to monthly networking via our comfortable Chamber After Hours.

·         Free admission to educational seminars every quarter – E-GMOC’s and Speed Networking.

·         Access to meet and develop relationships with local, county and state officials.

·         Develop stronger relationships by serving on a Committee or Task Force.

·         Reach the community by volunteering at Chamber events and community opportunities.

·         Eligible for free promotion of you and your business by sharing your Chamber testimony.

·         Eligible to host a GMOC, Chamber After Hours and/or a ribbon cutting.

·         Eligible to showcase your business at a GMOC or Chamber After Hours.

Did you know?


Most businesses that join a Chamber of Commerce…

·         Desire being part of something bigger and connecting with the community.

·         Cite the importance of networking, referrals and business exposure.

·         Recognize the public is more likely to trust businesses associated with a Chamber.

·         Value the role Chambers play in developing a stronger local economy.

·         Realize they don’t have time to represent their own business when it comes to regulations and ballot measures.

10 Reasons NOT to Join Your Local Chamber:

1. You enjoy making cold calls

2. You have too many customers

3. You make too much money

4. You might actually enjoy it

5. You might get involved

6. You don’t want to worry about having your picture in the weekly Chamber News Update

7. You don’t want your business phone number published

8. You don’t want to meet anyone new

9. New customers make you insecure

10. You might learn something


What’s YOUR reason NOT to join?   JOIN TODAY!